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Cameron Valley
Cameron Valley or Bharat Tea Estate is located at the main road going up to Tanah Rata from Ringlet. It has great views of the estate from the tea and souvenir shop located around 5 km up from Ringlet on the main Tanah Rata road.

A pioneer business family of Cameron Highlands, originated from Uttar Pradesh, India. the Bharat Group of Companies established here since 1933, today comprises of a total of eight companies, of which Cameron Bharat Platations is the most renowed.

It is the second largest tea producer in Malaysia, producing Cameron Valley Tea which is synonymous with exquisite highland tea. Cameron Valley tea shop offers tea with cakes, scones with cream and strawberry jam, just the perfect accompaniment on a visit to the highlands. An audio-video presentation provides visitors a glimpse into what goes into making the perfect cup of tea.

Cameron Bharat Plantations, producer of Cameron Valley tea synonymous with fine highland tea of Malaysia, owns a total of four tea gardens totalling 1,600 acres of lush hilly terrain in Cameron Highlands acquired progressively over the decades in this chronological account.

With the inception of the Bharat Company in 1933, unprocessed tea leaves were sold to a tea factory near the estate.

In 1952, with Dato Brijkishore Agarwal at the helm, Bharat took over the factory at the Agricultural Research Centre in Cameron Highlands on a contract basis. There they started their very first processed and packaged tea sold under the brand name "Chop Rusa".

In 1963, the company acquired the Shalimar Estate with its onsite tea-processing factory. By then, the company and the products were already firmly established, enjoying a flourishing sales network with major tea wholesalers.

With the assurance of constant quality control of the products, the Cameron Bharat Platations became a favored and important supplier of bulk tea to major tea blenders including famous well-established tea brand names in Malaysia.

Beginning 1994, saw the company spreading it wings directly ito the consumer market with the introduction of their very own "Cameron Valley" range of teas. - Source:
Cameron Valley - Bharat Tea Estate
Location: Ringlet to Tanah Rata Road & Kuala Terla
Free Entry!

- Waterfall
- Allow Walk through tea plantation for photo taking
- Tea shop offers tea with cakes, scones with cream andc strawberry jam
- An audio-video presentation about tea process & Bharat Tea Plantations history
- 2 tea shop with car park lot for dirrent plantations perfect view
Cameron Bharat Plantations Sdn. Bhd
15-16 Main Road, P.O. Box 25, 39007 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.

Tel: 605 - 4911133

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