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Highlands Apiary Farm
Location: Habu
Main Entrance of Bee Farm 1 km from main road of Cameron Highlands in Habu area. Near Lake of Ringlet. The honey bee farm grows an assortment of flowers as a source of food supply for bees to extract the nectar which the bees convert to honey. Visiting an apiary can be quite an educational experience as one can find out more about the life cycle of bees and how the honey is extracted from the beehive.

Free Admission

-Honey Bee Shop Shop
-Pick Your Own Strawberry available
-Explanation process to make honey
-Free taste honey bee

8.30a.m. - 6.30p.m
Highlands Apiary Farm
1/2 km Jalan Boh, 39000  Ringlet, Cameron  Highlands

Tel 019- 5038511 l 019 - 5541212 l 019 - 5102922

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