KHM Strawberry and Jam had been operational in the late year 2000 as a simple hobby of the owner. The breeds and hybrid of strawberries was imported from Holland as a starting of a small experiment. After a few trials and error on the quest for the perfect system of planting, the successful fertigation system was created. The success had naturally gotten the attention of the agricultural department and MARDI which in turn provided help in form of advice and guidance from strawberry experts.

In 2002, the famous homemade jam and topping had started to fill up the shelves at the farm and other gifts shops around Cameron Highlands. While in 2003, other products like the concentrated juice, ice-cream and dried strawberry starts to contribute to the array of products.

And now, expanding as it has always been, KHM is now looking into strawberries as an integral content for cosmetics and medical.

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OPENING HOURS : 8.30am - 6.00pm daily

-Pick Your Owen Strawberries!
-Home-made ice-cream
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KHM Strawberry Farm
Location: Tanah Rata
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KHM Strawberry Farm
No. 9, Taman Sedia, 39000 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

Tel & Fax: 05-4911836

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