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Lata Iskandar Waterfalls is one of the popular tourist attractions for all. It is a must-visit tourist destination that provides panoramic views to the tourists. Stretched approximately in the midway between Cameron Highlands and Tapah, this multi-tiered waterfall boasts of pools at the base of each tier.

Many a visitor takes the opportunity to go for a short dip in the cool water of these pools, which have their origins up in the higher reaches of the surrounding highlands. Nature lovers can go slightly off the beaten track and get to enjoy the rich flora and fauna.

Near the base of the falls, visitors will find a handicraft bazaar where an assortment of craft is available for one's selection. Look out especially for the craft of Orang Asli, the so-called "original people" of the country.

A row of stalls serving drinks and snacks have been set up nearby for the convenience of people who stop to enjoy the pleasures of Lata Iskandar.
Location: Ringlet between Tanah Rata Road
Location - On the route from Tapah to the Cameron Highlands
Coordinates and map- N04กใ 19.53' E101กใ 19.42'
Water - SourceStream
Waterfall Profile - Cascades & Vertical Fall
Accessibility - Drive-by
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