Raju Hill is one of the well known strawberry farms in the area.Tourists can freely visit the farms. Entrance is for free and everyone who visits can get a free tour of the strawberry field and the actual processing plant which is one of the most remarkable sights of Pahang.

You can show your appreciation to the tour by purchasing products that were processed right in the farm. The prices in the strawberry farms are really cheap so that you can practically shop for most things.

Free Entry!

OPENING HOURS : 8.30am - 6.00pm daily

-Pick Your Owen Strawberries!
-Food & Gift Shop
-Home-made ice-cream
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Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm
Location: Kea Farm
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Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm
42nd miles, Kea Farm, 39100 Cameron Highlands

Tel: +6019 575 3867 l +605 491 4649 l +605 491 1649

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