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The Smokehouse Hotel
P. O. Box 77, Tanah Rata 39007 Cameron Highlands,
Pahang darul Makmur, Malaysia.
Tel : 605-491 1215     Fax : 605-491 1214

Location: Tanah Rata
Actually this establishment is categorized as a boutique hotel, hence the price comes at relatively premium for most visitors. Nonetheless, this historical mansion (built in 1939 to be exact) features extensively in everyone's itinerary when visiting Cameron Highlands. It is safe to say that Ye Olde Smokehouse is one of the fabled landmarks of this highland town.

An authentic-looking Tudor-style 2-storey building, the hotel houses a number of exquisitely-named rooms such as Spencer, Elgin, Ambleside, GlenLee, Warwick, Croft, GwenLaura, Glenmore, Hazelwell, Cottage, Garden, Squire, Wycombe and Fairhaven. All rooms come with the option for single, twin or queen beds. All rooms feature attached bathroom with hot water. Some of the higher-priced rooms do come with fireplace as well. To be honest, the room was not too appealing for my taste, although others may disagree with me. The colours were not attractive, most of the antiques were old (like, duh!). Overall, I am never a fan of anything English, should I should not blame the resort for trying.

If you crave the usual English delicacies, there is a small al fresco restaurant serving various English food, and as expected, tea and scones. The setting is definitely nice amidst the English garden. Also, as an added touch of the colonial feel, a red telephone booth and a unique pavilion are featured around Ye Olde Smokehouse. Located nearby is the Cameron Golf Course should you feel like teeing off for a little bit.
Free Entry!

Hot Chocolate (RM14.50) - Very thick & rich, and English Tea (RM8.90) - Complete with filter!
Devonshire Cream Tea - Pot of Tea & Two Warm Scones with Homemade Strawberry Preserve and Cream (RM25)

Classic, charming Tudor design dominated the cottage-like settlement, exuding such warmth and cozy feeling you'll feel as though you're transported to 60 years ago (the Hotel opened in 1937) !!!
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