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Cactus Point
Location: Brichang
The entrance to Cactus Point. Cactus Point is more of a retail nursery, with a very small, but nice exhibit of large specimens. It is located further up the Cameron Highlands plateau, a few miles beyond Brinchang.

As you enter Cactus Point, you would notice that its main attraction is in the center where all the various cactus plants are placed prominently. On the left is a section for all the popular flowers and on the right a small section of strawberry. All of them are for sale, including the miniature cacti as souvenirs. They are easy to care for.

Free Entry!



OPENING HOURS : 8.00am - 6.00pm daily
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Cameron Highlands Cactus Point
39100 Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

TEL:   + 605-4914180 / 0192550068