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Rose Valley
Location: Tringkap
Located in the Tringkap Cameron Highlands, the Rose Valley houses an amazing 450 varieties of roses in all shapes and sizes ranging from the "Black" rose, "hornless" rose plant with 20 fragrant varieties, the colourful "miniature" roses and many more. Other unique flowers that could be found here include Lily, Gerbera, Diamond, Lady Shoe, Honeysuckle, Camellia and Gipsy Flower.

They also pose one of the biggest flower vase in Malaysia to add to the attraction at the Rose Valley. The cool climate in Cameron Highlands provides the ideal condition to nurse these types of flowers and adds to the entire experience with the spectacular view of the highlands itself.
Rose Valley
148 Tringkap, Cameron Highlands, 39000 Pahang

TEL: 605-4961620 /4961491
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Entrance Tickets: Wanted
RM 5 for adults
RM 2 for kids

-The biggest flower vase in Malaysia
-BLACK' rose, 'GREEN' rose, 'Light Blue' rose, 'THORNLESS' rose plant
-Cactus hill with 40 year old cactus
-Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers & Strawberry shop

8.00a.m. - 6.00p.m