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Well, Smile shared image is so attractive. I love it but all of the members had also appreciated to TOM.
The nice and adorable view you have shared here with all of this place which name is according to you "Cameron Highlands". Hope to explore it in the future time of travel. Wink I wanna enjoy here book tour bus with my best friend.
Thanks for your post. There is a lot of information needed for me
It is really a useful sharing. I have received a lot of good knowledge from it
Malaysia is really amazing. I'm gonna visit this place in next summer.
happy wheels
Oh wow tom, this is an amazing image which you are shared in your post. I like it and next week I will must go for this beautiful and magical place with my sister because she also saw this beautiful image and she is so excited to enjoy the beauty of this alluring place. Thanks for your shearing
Absolutely agree with you
Wow, It’s a very beautiful place.
I must go there at least once in my life.
In my opinion, as long as you have the right expectations, the Cameron Highlands can definitely be worth a visit! The tea plantations, when you get to them, are absolutely stunning!

There are a handful of things that Cameron Highlands is best known for – tea plantations, jungle trails and… strawberry farms! The highlands play host to more than a few hydroponics strawberry cultivation sites that merit a visit for anyone with a keen interest.

Clothes, handicrafts and souvenirs are popular items for tourists while local visitors prefer flowers, vegetables, plants and tea. Visitors can also buy unique souvenirs that reflect the natural heritage of Cameron Highlands, such as preserved insects, wooden handicrafts and rattan baskets.
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