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Full Version: MR.AISU Best Teh Tarik Ice Cream+Waffles In Cameron
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Absolutely love the Teh Tarik ice-cream! Everything was freshly made & crunchy waffles. Super smooth textures and nice taste. Even me, a non-coffee lover is falling in love for the teh tarik ice cream. I will definitely go for the second time when I go to cameron highlands.

Located at Nova Cameron Square, Kea Farm. shop name MR.AISUTongue
Yes Mr.Aisu serves up handmade crunchy waffles, delicious smoothie Teh Tarik ice cream. Owner having an experience in the ice-cream making industry in Australia, the owner moved back to Malaysia and started up Mr. Aisu. Highly recommended to dessert lovers!

For more information about MR.AISU please visit
Thanks for sharing!
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