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Just wondering if anyone of you has come across or know of any available pets(puppy/small dogs) friendly accommodation at Cameron Highlands?

Thanks & regards,
Dear Joey,

We still not finding any pets friendly accommodation at Cameron Highlands yet! Sorry cant help.
The “Camerons” is unique when compared to the other hill stations in Malaysia — it is drained by eight rivers. The main rivers are the Bertam, Telom and Lemoi.


Where you will be stay in the Cameron highland, if you would like to tell me the exact place which have selected near the Cameron hill. Then I will definitely tell you the best pet loving resorts in the Cameron hill. If you visit this one “” then you will easily find out the best pet friendly accommodation near Cameron hill.
Chiadmin! Is there not any pet friendly hotel in Cameron yet? I want to know about it because my father wants to go there with a puppy. He always kept him with him during his travel because he thinks that we can't care it like him. So always he prefers to take it with him. I am looking for suggestion from your side guys? Quick replies please.

Don't know if you're still looking but there is a place known as Valley View and Parkland Hotel Apartment that allows you to bring your pet.
hi olivia
Parkland Hotel Apartment and Nicejellybean
this hotel also allow pets.
good job marcus
hey friends if you looking for pet friendly hotels in cameron highlands then my list is below:-
Valley View :- which is absolute pet friendly lodge in Cameron Highland.It is a double-storey, fully furnished, 5-bedroom house with 2 bedrooms on the upper floor and 3 bedrooms on the lower floor. Each floor is self-contained with its own kitchen, dining area, lounge and doorway as well, hence it can be rented separately by floor for the guests who don't come in a large group. Since we have merely 2 adults and 2 fur kids, the owner, William, was strongly recommended us to choose the upper floor with 2 bedrooms attached.
Other pet friendly hotels:-
Agrohighlands and Chalet
Hotel Chua Gin
Silverstar Hotel
Natasya Resort
Hotel Rainbow
Kavy Hotel Boutique
Silverstar Apartments - Greenhill Resort
As per my knowledge Parkland Apartments is the best place where you can accommodate with your pets. Step away from the heat and hustle of city life and into the cool serenity of Cameron Highlands. The peaks of Banjaran Titiwangsa beckon you. From rolling hills and lush ravines to tea plantations and vegetable patches, there is always something on this pristine paradise that will steal your heart away.
Located just 200km north of Kuala Lumpur city and 5,000 feet above sea level, Cameron Highlands is the largest hill retreat in the country and is the highest point in Malaysia that is accessible by car. Temperatures here can drop to 16°C or lower so dress prepared for the cold.

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