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Full Version: Car rental in cameron highland?
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Thanks - If more time becomes available I might just do that.

I have hired a car from Mayflower which is a Malaysian based firm. Too early to say how good they are but they have been efficient so far and they had a small SUV available which the larger companies couldnt guarantee.
We have one simple goal… to help you find the best value car hire for your Cameroon trip.First of all I would like to say thanks to God to come on this forum and admin to join me to this and I am very glad to be a part of it.
looking for a car rental suggestion...we have always used St John Car Rental but hearing some problems. Does anyone have any idea why Conrads is showing cheaper rates?
Yeah i would say my suggestion would be you should rent a car.
I would like to say that buddy you have shared useful advice with her. so sure she will follow this and get amazing time.


Great question, I might be in the minority but I would recommend a taxi!
Car rental in Malaysia - It was super easy to book and the prices are lower than all other competitors
(09-14-2015 08:00 PM)husseycopper Wrote: [ -> ]Much cheaper and easier to use local taxi.

Me too. Much cheaper and easier to use local taxi
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