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Full Version: Malaysian food that I should try, local attractions to visit and edible souvenirs.
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Hello everyone,,
I'll be visiting Malaysia in early October and will be spending the next three months in Malaysia. As such I would like some recommendation in food that I must try and local attractions to visit in Malaysia.

I know that Malaysia is an Islamic country and wondering are all food in Malaysia, halal?

Make no mistake with that question, I am an adventurous foodie & fans of travel and food shows, who could riversweeps app eat spicy, non-halal, halal food, exotic food and etc. The question is asked purely out of curiosity.

As for place to visit, I am more of a nature lover/outdoor kind of traveler. Places with huge landscapes. Somewhere tranquil and beautiful would be nice. Not really interested in beaches and islands. I do realized that Malaysia is consists of the Peninsular Malaysia and the northern side of Borneo island and would appreciate suggestions from both of the world.

I would also need some recommendation for souvenirs in the form of Malaysian sweets, snacks or food (edible items) that I could bring back to my country. It has to be something special to Malaysia or the tropics of Southeast Asia. It also have to be something that could survive my 3 months journey in Malaysia and my long journey back home in a plane.
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