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Any recommend hotel for couple 2days 1 night?
(07-10-2013 12:01 PM)Cynthia Wrote: [ -> ]Any recommend hotel for couple 2days 1 night?

Dear Cynthia,

We recommend for couple hotel:
1.Equatorial Hotel
2.Cameron Highlands Resort
3.De La Fern Hotel
4.Century Pines Resort
5.Smokehouse Resort
6.Lakehouse Resort


Century Pines Resort,Equatorial Hotel
Equatorial Hotel
(10-19-2017 10:21 PM)MariaHarmon Wrote: [ -> ]Equatorial Hotel

Hi dear! I also dream to visit Africa. It would be a new experience for us. To be honest, I never traveled in such places. But I started to search some information about it and I was surprised. Do you know that there is Hilton hotel there? The range of prices and the level of hotels are various in Cameron. Sure, all depends on your room and service requirements. As far as I know, prices differ from 6 euro/night to 300 euro/night. It goes without saying, it's always a pleasure to use a profitable opportunity. I'm sure, there is something interesting for the period of your trip in Cameron.
I will always recommend Century Pines Resort anytime any day. I've been there numerous times and I can tell for a fact that, it's a place to be. Just give it a go and you'll be happy you did. And yeah...I've really learnt a lot here as well.
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