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Full Version: Buses from Penang and accommodation
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How to go to Cameron highland from Penang? How much does the ticket cost? What are the prices ranges for accommodation up there?
Hi, does anyone know if its possible to travel by bus from Penang to Lumut?
Thank you very much for your precious advice. I will take a taxi from the airport to avoid all the trouble. i will take your advice when I plan my itinerary.

Thank you and have a good day!
Buddy, frankly speaking, I have no idea about Busses from Penang to Lumut? This is quite a new thing for me and I never enjoyed it till yet But it sounds really cool and I will like to visit Lumut in my next coming vacations. What will you say about it?
I never travel from Penang and no idea about the buses. Anyway, hope so till yet you come back from your tour and had great time there. If yes, then buddy let us know how were you time and what about the accommodation where you stay for some time while be on your tour.
I think there are a special transfer
cameron highland bus from penang want visit now
go to by bus some public bus go to cameron highland bus from penang search now online i hope you get batter service provider company and bus
Unititi Express and Billion Stars are the only two operators serving bus from Penang to Cameron Highlands. Their bus fare ranges from RM32.00 to RM 45.00 -
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Looking forward traveling to Cameron Highlands!
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