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Full Version: Any one been to Golden Win Restaurant @ cameron Highlands?
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Any one been to Golden Win Restaurant?

I wanna know if the food is nice?
Sivand12, I think Golden Win Restaurant is a nice place for food. I never visited this restaurant personally but about a year ago one of my friends has been there with his family. He told me few things about this place. It is very famous for its Chinese and Makan foods. Its Assam Fish, home made chilisauce and the steamboat meal.
I haven't been but was considering going either there or to Genting next holidyas.
[attachment=21]Golden Win Restaurant Always serving the best~ Your one-stop steamboat & chinese food restaurant at Cameron Highlands. During my last holiday when i traveled there have enjoyed there food.

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It is such a small world. I get to know a friend while attending seminar, and guess what? His family has a restauran t in Brinchang,Cameron Highlands.It is called Golden Win Restaurant in brinchang, cameron is called Golden win restaurant sering out yummy steamboat fare.

Next time you go up to Cameron Highlands give this restaurant
Golden Win Restaurant is a best place for foody lovers. That is located in opposite main road of Brinchang. I went there about five years ago. I want to go there again with my friends. The famous food of this restaurant Chinese and Makan food. They providing clean rooms, friendly staff and best quality foods then other restaurants.
There are numerous restaurants in Cameron Highlands which offer steam boat dinner.
I have visited Cameron Highlands about a year ago and also spent some time in Golden Win Restaurant. I must say that the Restaurant offers really good services Especially, the food and drinks of it are amazing. I enjoyed my delicious food there and will like to refer this Restaurant to other travelers.
Is there someone who had some time in Golden Win Restaurant like Darcy and would like to share with me the details about its menu and other services for its guests. I hope it will be cool way to know through you guys and you would like to share with me.
No I wasn't there(
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