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which would be the best hotel to stay in at Cameron highlands.

Heritage(1st priority)

Strawberry Park Resort

Some other smaller hotel/chalet.

Please help me with this as i need to book as early as possible.

Thankyou for ur help,

depend ur budget. i recommend heritage hotel the news block because heritage hotel nearly the Tanah Rata Town


Strawberry park resorts is a best place to stay. The features of this place are, full service of spa, an indoor pool, and a fitness center. The parking is free for the guests, and they can also enjoy a meal in one of the three restaurants. In addition to Wi-Fi, the guestroom offer a minibars and coffee/tea maker.
Rosa Hotel
yes as chiadmin saying that everything depends on budget.
hi friends i want to share my list of hotels in Cameron high lands

The Lakehouse, Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands Resort
Strawberry Park Resort
Nova Highlands Resort
Casa dela Rosa Hotel


I think Strawberry Park Resort is good.
Hello from my side to all of you guys and thankful to you for suggesting the resorts and hotel's names to stay in Cameron highlands. I have no idea about these hotels before reading this thread. I am grateful to all of you again and hope this information will be helpful for me..


Heritage Hotel is a unique Tudor design resort, located 1500-meters above sea level,and is surrounded by vistas of Tanah Rataa nd its is ideal for visitors that desire convenience, an unique scenic location, and a complete line of on-site amenities.
According to me, The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands hotel is the best place to stay in this hill station. It is the most expensive hill station in Malaysia. I heard much about it through my uncle. He personally stayed in this hotel. So It is a nice option for those who want to go there.
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