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Suggest Best vegetarian food Restaurant in Cameron?
It would be great If you could suggest the best one.
Well buddy according to my views Sri Brinchang is best pace for having good time. I am so sure you will like my recommendation and would love to move there soon.
Hello Jenson! after seen your confidence,i think i also should taste this restaurant Smile
Thanks for sharing, Jenson! Sri Brinchang, here I come! Smile
I haven't seen such restaurants there
Not so many vegetarian food restaurants but taste just like some creamy food you are taking its great.
I don't think that there are vegetarian restaurants there but the food is so delicious & yummy
I envy you for such an experience
Hope you enjoy the mostAngel
Asian food is the best food I've ever eaten
I visited The Mossy Forest Cafe in Brinchang, I like there a lot!
Are you searching for Best Restaurant?
Then I suggested to you Radheykihaveli[/url]. This is one of the best Restaurant and the food is very tasty.

Radhey Ki Haveli is a Traditional Hotel which provides the luxurious modern room facility, Ekadashi Kirtan, Serving North Indian food in fine dining.
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