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RE: Bala's Holiday Chalet - makpeeter - 05-08-2015 03:03 PM

Bala's Holiday Chalet Now Known as Planters Country Hotel & Restaurant located at Cameron Highlands
Pahang, Malaysia, Very Pleasant place to stay in your holidays. Best thing of this place is that it is Former British school, fully refurbished to capture its original history and character. British India Restaurant serving home cooked delicious curries, western cuisine and traditional Malaysian dishes.

I spend my last holiday here. And in addition to that this holiday was my best holiday as i have traveled with my own vehicle. Which was shipped by Will Ship International. Made my wonderful holiday more romantic with my wife.

RE: Bala's Holiday Chalet - colmarwatson - 05-11-2015 03:01 PM

Bala's Holiday Chalet, set amidst lush greenery, rolling hills and majestic mountains, offers you good value for money. A charming English style inn that provides the perfect blend of old world ambience and contemporary comfort. With its serenity and country charm, the hotel captures the very essence of a highland holiday.

RE: Bala's Holiday Chalet - colmarwatson - 05-19-2015 05:24 PM

Situated on one of Malaysia's most pristine natural forest in the Cameron Highlands, the cool air combined with unspoilt beauty amidst natural surroundings makes it a perfect holiday destination for those interested in a highland holiday Bala's Holiday

RE: Bala's Holiday Chalet - emmawatson - 06-09-2015 06:38 PM

Thank you
Nice but overpriced. Not the best working staff in the world...
You definitely can have better options for the price you pay at Bala's Chalet.

RE: Bala's Holiday Chalet - emmawatson - 06-17-2015 03:05 PM

I was attracted to the hotel for its online images of beautiful gardens, quaint decor and seemingly quiet location. Sure enough, the minute we turned the bend to approach the entrance of the chalet, we were taken aback by its cottage-like charm.
I would like to share my experience on this particular hotel.
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RE: Bala's Holiday Chalet - kasumiakiko - 06-17-2015 03:06 PM

its a good seasonal place to visit

RE: Bala's Holiday Chalet - husseycopper - 09-22-2015 01:34 PM

Bala's a horrible place to get to by public transport - too many hills ! The nearest train stations are around 20-25 miles away, and leave you reliant on the local bus services, or a pricey taxi ride for the rest of the trip

RE: Bala's Holiday Chalet - Darcy - 10-28-2015 01:30 PM

Honestly Speaking, I have no idea about Bala and its features. I am listening it first time through this thread and I think it is good because it offers massive information for travelers. I will like to plan a tour of Bala in my coming vacations because it sounds very interesting to me and hope that will like it.

RE: Bala's Holiday Chalet - debendramohan - 03-03-2016 02:41 PM

A stay at Bala S Holiday Chalet includes access to a garden, a restaurant and a terrace, which are all amongst the hotel's general areas.beautiful countryside surroundings.

RE: Bala's Holiday Chalet - coutliyox - 07-16-2019 06:58 PM

The Bala's Holiday Chalet - Perfect for having a quiet and relaxed time. The chalet is beautiful by itself, has scenic views and is at a very convenient location. The service was great. All staff members were attentive and helpful. They gave me my perfect holiday. Will definitely return.