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SPM Resort Home
SPM Resort Home is situated in the cool heartland of Cameron Highlands, a well-liked family holiday destination. A short 5 minutes drive from the town of Tanah Rata, this unique Tudor architecture styled bungalow is perched on top of Puncak Arabella hill overlooking the magnificent Gunung Brinchang.
Location: Tanah Rata
SPM Resort Home
Location: Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
SPM Resort Home have three 2/3 Bedrooms Suites that cater up to 24 people. Each Suite has its own living area and private entrance.

*All Suites have ASTRO TV
*Instant Hot Water Shower
*Cooking facilities
*Single luxury divan beds with warm comforters, towels and fully carpetted floors.
*Board games manufactured by the company can be borrowed for leisure play during your invited stay at our place.
SPM Resort Home

Tel: +6016-2025800 (call)
Tel:+6016-3315765 (sms)
Fax: +603-58827587
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