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Cameron Highlands Travel Guide
Why not go
You should not go Cameron Highlands if you really can not stand with coldness. During the day, May you still wear shorts and t-shirt, but only the temperature change dramatically in the late evenings and even cooler at night. Cameron Highlands is the most cold all year, and it can be very cold at night, especially during the rainy season.
Why should I go

For tourists, the attractions are in the nature of heritage and environment and serenity, rustic life in a city in the highlands, which is very different from a cosmopolitan city.

For visitors, Cameron Highlands can provide a good retirement from the madness of the city and the warmth of the tropics. May you spend your holidays in the cool and beautiful place where the green and peaceful landscapes abound in the green environment.

In fact, the combination of Cameron Highlands wonders of the natural and cultural wealth to provide an unforgettable experience for all who are willing to visit this beautiful destination in Malaysia.

As a measure of fame, the tea plantations are the main attractions of Cameron Highlands. Tea plantations carpet the valleys in a thin layer of tea leaf green-yellow, and most of them are open to tourists and visitors to buy tea bags and watch the workers picking tea, and enjoy a cup of tea with scones simmering. Tea is the reason why an expert from the British government, William Cameron has founded and the potential of this valley, which eventually became Malaysia, holiday destination and senior Cameron Highlands was named after him. The four most popular are the Boh Tea Plantations Tea Plantation in Habu, Boh Tea Plantation in Sungai Palas tea , Cameron Valley Tea Plantation in Ringlet to Tanah Rata road and Cameron Valley Tea Plantation in Kuala Terla

In addition, the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia is the only destination where strawberries are grown and harvested commercially. Strawberry farms are almost everywhere in the Cameron Highlands and are open for visitors making them one of the main tourist attractions. The farms of local supply and strawberry jam and pies at a reasonable price. You even have the option of choosing your strawberries in the strawberry farms.

Four Top Main Attraction:

Tea Plantation
Strawberry Farm
Vegetable Farm
Flower Farm
Getting to Cameron Highlands
There are four way to getting Cameron Highlands is from the south via Tapah road in Pahang, Simpang Pulai road in Perak, east coast via Gua Musang in Kelantan and Bentong (Raub) via new road in Pahang.
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